May 31, 2009

Yummy chicken tacos

Remember when I posted my New Favorite Salad? Well, this super yummy salad mix can also be used as chicken tacos! We just wrap the mix into a tortilla, sprinkle some cheese and ALL the kiddos love it. Here's the recipe again:

* Chicken breasts (However many you want and yes, they can be frozen. I usually do 3 breasts for my family...)
* Bacon (Again, however much is your personal preference)
* Lettuce
* Kraft Cucumber Ranch Dressing
* Kraft Seven Seas Green Goddess Dressing (My new fave!!)

Place the chicken in a skillet on the stove. Top each tender with Cucumber ranch dressing and let cook.
I cook my bacon in the microwave, but you can cook it on the skillet too. Prepare the bacon the way you prefer.
Once the chicken and bacon are done, pat with paper towel. Cut the chicken into cubes and cut the bacon into chunks with kitchen shears. Mix the chicken, lettuce and bacon all together. Then I use the Green Goddess dressing. It is DIVINE with the warm chicken and bacon!! But if you aren't a fan of Green Goddess you can use your preference. The bacon is optional as well.

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