February 2, 2010

I'm the boss

I've often discussed with my husband about owning our own business. We actually almost bought into a subway-type sandwich shop about 5-6 years ago. Owning a franchise of some sort, whether it be a subway-type sandwich shop, another restaurant, or even a hair salon, could be a great opportunity to make your dreams come true.
TCBY has yogurt franchises opportunities available to you. Their website has so much information to help you make a well-informed, educated decision. After doing some research it is obvious to me that the initial investment is less than other franchises I have looked into. They also break the entire process down for you step by step.
Everyone loves frozen yogurt and you know what the T.C.B.Y. stands for, right? If owning your own franchise is something you're interested in... definitely check out TCBY opportunities!!!

Disclosure: I received compensation for the link in this post. The other thoughts are totally mine. :)

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