January 31, 2008

Speaking of Chicken...

I spent some time this morning planning for my next WalMart excursion (ughh) and writing out a shopping list. I decided it's been awhile since I've made "Potato Chip Chicken" for the fam, which happens to be one of the kids favorite. Although it's probably not the healthiest way to cook a chicken, it is easy and deeee-lish!

Potato Chip Chicken
1 pack of boneless skinless chicken breast (or legs if you prefer)
1 bag of your favorite chips (I prefer sour cream and onion)
1/2-1 cup melted butter or margarine
salt and pepper to your liking

Crunch the chips right in the bag. You won't need the whole bag, so what I do is put half the bag into sandwich bags so that my tweenager can grab a bag when he wants a snack. Then dip the chicken into some butter. Finally just drop the chicken peice into the bag and coat the chicken with the crumbs. Put then into a lightly sprayed baking dish. Bake at 350 for about an hour or until it's done. I usually make some steamed brocolli on the side with some mashed taters. Yummm! The kiddos love it (and the dads too)!



Tori :) said...

That sounds soooo good Steph! I'm gonna have to try it. Thanx.

Yvonne said...

Sounds delicious. Thank you.

Mel said...

Mmmm... I'm going to try this tonight!

Tori :) said...



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