June 30, 2010

4th of July Flag Cake!!

I thought this looked like so much fun! So patriotic!!! I think you could replace the fluffy boiled icing and silver white cake with just regular white cake and icing...

Decorating a Flag Cake

By: Allrecipes Staff

No patriotic celebration would be complete without an All-American Flag Cake!

Decorate your cake in the baking pan if you'll be taking it farther afield than the backyard.

1. To make this flag cake, we used a 9x13-inch cake (we baked a Silver White Cake). You'll need two pints of strawberries, one pint of blueberries, and Fluffy Boiled Icing.

  • Wash and drain the blueberries on paper towels.
  • Wash and drain the strawberries. Stem them and cut them into halves.

2. Spread the icing generously over the cake. (Whipped topping or whipped cream can be used in place of Fluffy Boiled Icing, but the finished cake will need to be refrigerated.) Fluffy Boiled Icing holds up well at outdoor picnics and barbeques.

3. In the top left-hand corner of the frosted cake, arrange the blueberries into an outline of a rectangle that is 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall. Press the berries down into the frosting.

4. Fill the blueberry outline in with the remaining blueberries. The blueberries look best if placed in rows: the icing between them resembles stars.

5. Place strawberry halves cut-side down in rows going across the cake horizontally. The bottom stripe of the flag is red, so start the first row at the bottom. Be sure to press the berries down into the frosting so the stripes will not be raised above the fluffy frosting. (If you want to be technically accurate, there are 13 stripes on the flag.)

6. Serve any leftover berries with the sliced cake and ice cream. For a stunning holiday effect, place a couple of sparklers into the top of the cake. When darkness falls and fireworks begin to burst, light the sparklers and serve the cake during the festivities!

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