May 5, 2010

Hormel Chili & Dinty Moore... yum!!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hormel Foods. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'm from Texas, the land of Chili Cook-offs. But I've never been one to create my own chili. What's the point when you can go to the store and buy some Hormel Chili?? My kids absolutely LOVE to put hormel Chili on their hot dogs. It makes a boring dog into something super yummy and fun! Another new creation: Hormel Chili in a tortilla. I didn't think it'd be very good, but I guess with Hormel you can't go wrong. And of course I love it on my baked potato. This post is making me hungry... We always use the classic Hormel® chili con carne. But now there is a new, premium Hormel® Chili Master™ with awesome varieties such as white chicken chili and roasted tomato.
Another fave, easy meal is Dinty Moore soup. It's so thick and filling. Y'all remember the commercials with "Dinty Moore" putting his thumbprint on every can, right? I love the big, red thumbprint on the top of the can. It's a reminder that it's gonna be yummy!! Dinty Moore still has the awesome soups, but now they introduce Dinty Moore® HeartyMeals™ varieties such as chicken pot pie and noodles and beef!! Have you tried the new Hearty Meals? Which is your favorite?
·What is your favorite way to eat Hormel® chili and Dinty Moore®? Do share!! And don't forget, you can explore for ideas.

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