January 6, 2010

Natural vs. Unnatural

I was reading about Natural Meats the other day. I never really knew what it meant when I heard "natural" and "commercially raised." I figured, "It's from an animal- that's pretty natural." I was wrong. Commercially raised beef often contains large amounts of hormones. So when we eat it, we ingest a high concentration of drugs and hormones like estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, zeranol, trenbolone acetate, and melengesterol acetate. All these hormones in our system can lead to an increased risk for problems like cancer, premature puberty and a low sperm count. Those are some major risks I don't want to take!!
Not only are these hormones a problem, but often large amounts of antibiotics are also pumped into commercially raised cattle as well. These antibiotics can help protect the cattle against many diseases, which is great. However, the effect on humans of eating meat that has been saturated with so many antibiotics is the possible development of new diseases that are more deadly because they are already resistant to antibiotics. :( That's super scary to me.
I would recommend when at all possible to use natural meats that are not full of unnatural hormones and antibiotics. Not only are they healthier, but speaking from experience, they actually taste better. I know I need all the help I can get when it comes to making my food taste better!! haha

Disclosure: I was compensated for the link in this post. The thoughts regarding natural meat are mine.

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